Busch making his life harder…agian

Kyle Busch has been NASCARs main “villain” in the sport since he spun Dale Jr. at Richmond while fighting for a lead while Jr. was going for his first win at Hendrick Motorsports. Since then Busch has a track record of being one of the most hated drivers in the sport. Although his hate hasContinue reading “Busch making his life harder…agian”

Kurt Busch is what 23XI was missing

Before the 2021 season it was announced that Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan would join forces and start a NASCAR Cup Series team called 23XI racing, a name driven by both legendary athletes’ numbers and the numbers they made famous in their careers. The team would sign Bubba Wallace to drive the #23 cars forContinue reading “Kurt Busch is what 23XI was missing”

The Coke 400 could be race of the year

Daytona is always an exciting track where anything can happen and really, as shown this year in the 500 can win at. Daytona got moved last year from the 4th of July weekend that has been a NASCAR tradition for many years and placed instead at the end of the regular season as the finalContinue reading “The Coke 400 could be race of the year”

Blaney snags second win at Michigan

As the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs loom in the distance with just one race to go next week before the field is set, drivers are starting to get more desperate to grab a much needed win or some last effort points to sneak into the last remaining spots in the playoffs.  This week at MichiganContinue reading “Blaney snags second win at Michigan”

Why you should not be scared of the All-Star race

All-Star events have never truly been the most competitive, there is always more of a fun aspect where everyone is “trying” with limits to ensure nobody is injured in a meaningless game. The NBA as games where teams reach over 150 points each due to absolutely 0 offense. The NFL version of the All-Star gameContinue reading “Why you should not be scared of the All-Star race”

If NASCAR settled beef with boxing…

In the last couple years famous people boxing for bragging rights and a lot of extra cash have gained popularity and hit their peak with Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul taking to the ring for 8 exhibition rounds of very underwhelming boxing at the end of the day but the fact that it even happenedContinue reading “If NASCAR settled beef with boxing…”