F1 drivers in NASCAR?

In light of the Formula 1 racing series coming back this weekend in Italy it got me thinking, which F1 drivers would I want to see come to NASCAR some day, or just for a 1 off race (preferably Daytona) and who I think they should replace for their race, or a full season. 

  1. The obvious choice here would be Daniel Ricciardo, a known NASCAR fan who has a bet in place with his team where if he gets a podium he gets to drive a car that one of his heroes, Dale Earndheart drove. Ricciardo would most likely drive for a team that loves raw talent, grit, and having drivers that show personality. That is why I would love to see Daniel Ricciardo driving in the #18 car and replace Kyle Busch. Riccardo would take over the #18 team and give Kyle a run for his money in terms of aggression and talent. 
  2. The second driver I would like to see move from F1 to NASCAR is Kimi Raikonen. Kimi, in my perfect world would take over the #4 car in the Stewart Haas garage. Kimi is another old school, no nonsense, former champion, that drives hard week in and week out. Kimi would be extremely entertaining on the short tracks and could be a driver I can see running over lap cars and slower cars for passes that could stir up some real drama, without him caring at all. 
  3. The third and final driver I want to see take a stab at NASCAR is Lewis Hamliton, but only as a road course ace. For me this would finally end the F1 v.s NASCAR debate and it would be really cool to see how one of the best drivers in the world can handle a car made to go against him. F1 cars are made to be an extension of the driver whereas stock cars are built for 1 thing, speed. It would be cool to see if he can get a road course win and then be able to tell us which was truly harder. 

These are just a the 3 drivers I would really like to see come over to NASCAR, I would love to see the whole field do it someday even if it was just a test to see lap times compared to the Cup cars. Comment below any other driver you would like to see and why!

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