Truck Series Playoff watch (Round of 12)

The Truck Series makes its return to racing this week Friday night to kick off 3 straight days of racing at Kansas. This is also the final race of the first round of their playoffs, after the race the field will be cut down to just 8 drivers heading to Bristol next week. The twoContinue reading “Truck Series Playoff watch (Round of 12)”

Cup Series playoff predictions

As the weather starts to cool down and the season changes over, our favorite sport winds down and things start to get serious. As another playoffs rolls around there are many things on the line. Some drivers are making their first appearance, some looking to repeat titles, and some are fighting to prove they actuallyContinue reading “Cup Series playoff predictions”

Technical issues at Daytona raise eyebrows after first Next Gen race

Daytona is one of the fastest and most exciting tracks in the sports history and is home to the most prestigious race in NASCAR, the Daytona 500. Every year the sport migrates down to Daytona to race in the first race of the season. This race always delivers and when the checkered flag drops thereContinue reading “Technical issues at Daytona raise eyebrows after first Next Gen race”

Daytona 500 qualifying notes

What a beautiful sight it is to see cars back on track competing again, yeah we got it last week with the Clash but this week at Daytona is the real deal with everyone pushing at their hardest for the first time. This new qualifying format has the drivers compete in normal single car qualifyingContinue reading “Daytona 500 qualifying notes”