NASCAR Growth Parties

With the growth of NASCAR in the late 90s and early 2000s it felt like every race was a big deal, not just a select few throughout the season. As the hype of the sport died down and less people started to attend races there seemed to be less races that brought hype and a lot of attention to the racetrack and the sport. With the introduction of the Next Gen car there seems to be a new buzz around the track again, maybe not to the extent of the glory days, but enough to get the sport back into the mainstream again if they can keep the buzz going. 

Not every race needs to be a huge event, but I think everyone can agree the sport needs more “big” races that people care about. Right now there are the crown Jewel events and that seems to be the extent of races that people outside of NASCAR really care about. The addition of The Clash being run in the LA Coliseum did a great job of keeping the core fans of the sport engaged while also tapping into a newer younger market outside of the sport. 

One thing that NASCAR can do to grow the sport and get more hype around each race is to make a bigger deal of the “party towns” on the schedule such as Miami, Auto Club, Nashville, and Talladega. These are all race tracks that are known to have a great party scene in and around the track and NASCAR can use this to their advantage and have meet and greet type of parties where fans can have a chance to have a good time and party with the stars of the Cup Series. This would give fans even more incentive to go races and have them get up close and personal with the drivers which is a great way to grow the sport. This would also be a way to get sponsors involved and have their company sponsor the party or have their representatives come to the party and have a good time with the drivers. 

These would be a great way to get new fans to come to races, keep casuals coming back, and have sponsors get more involved in the sport and keep the track experience alive. 

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