Hendrick Motorsports looks to break record in crown jewel race

Charlotte Motorspeedway, the mecca of all things NASCAR. Not only is it a place where teams, fans, drivers come together, it is also the home of one of the crown jewel races in NASCAR, the Coke 600. 600 grueling miles around the track makes this the longest race on the NASCAR schedule and one of the toughest races of the year. 

This race will have some extra significance for the 4 Hendrick Motorsports drivers as they are all fighting to be the winner that gives Hendrick Motorsports the win they need to surpass Petty Enterprises and have the most wins in NASCAR with 269 wins in the Cup Series. This fierce group of drivers have all commented that they want to be the one to do it for their owner, who has been a major part in growing the sport and making it what it is today. Despite all 4 drivers being teammates and friends everyone knows in the world of NASCAR, at some point you have to put all that aside and fight for yourself and your own spot and that is what all these drivers will be doing this weekend. 

“It sure would be nice to win another one in Charlotte, that would be the place to really break the record,” said team owner Rick Hendrick when asked about breaking the record at the famed track. What place is better than the Mecca of NASCAR to break a record set by a man’s team who they refer to as “The King”? This is going to be a great storyline as we will see a lot of battling not only for the race win, but to be etched into the sports history as the man that did it for Hendrick. Just another thing to look out for this weekend.

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