If NASCAR settled beef with boxing…

In the last couple years famous people boxing for bragging rights and a lot of extra cash have gained popularity and hit their peak with Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul taking to the ring for 8 exhibition rounds of very underwhelming boxing at the end of the day but the fact that it even happened was wild and somewhat historic. This got me thinking about what would happen if we had a NASCAR boxing match to settle beef from on the track without having any on track incidents that could take out drivers around them.

These fights would take place in between the All-Star race open and the main show while the track is being prepared. The fighters I chose are 2 drivers that started teammates and became rivals after a team switch and a few on the track incidents. Kyle Busch and Joey Logano have had historic beef and never fail to put on a show when they take to the track near each other. The real beef started, or at least from Kyles point of view, at Las Vegas one year when he believes that Loagno mashed down the throttle and wrecked Busch, this beef carried over to the garage when Busch walked over and hit Logano which caused a mini brawl broken up by pit crew members. 

These two have had many incidents and would be awesome to see in 3 rounds of fighting, now let’s lay down the rules. The first rule is no knockouts unless the other is unconscious, instead every time a driver hits the ground they get an additional pit crew member in the ring with them because pit crew guys always want to join the fights when they happen. Then there is the time of each round, the rounds will last as long as it takes a Rick Ware car to drive around the track 4 times (for the sake of this week Texas) and then in between rounds is 2 laps at caution speed. 

I feel that this would be great entertainment to settle beef and have some great time filler between the open and the big race. Of cou

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