Blaney snags second win at Michigan

As the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs loom in the distance with just one race to go next week before the field is set, drivers are starting to get more desperate to grab a much needed win or some last effort points to sneak into the last remaining spots in the playoffs. 

This week at Michigan the fuel window and the stage lengths on the track force drivers and crew chiefs to take risks regarding 4 or 2 tire stops when they come down for fuel, or do they go no tires just gas and grab stage points. As per usual at Michigan restarts were vital to get out in front of the field and into clean air and coast with the win. Hendrick and Gibbs dominated early like they have all season with Larson and Byron working together to pull away from the field and eventually leave it for themselves to fight for the win in the last few laps.

That plan all changed when a rain caution bunched the field back together and did not go green again until there were 14 to go. Just a few laps later an incident caused by Logano stacking up and eventually getting spun shortened the final sprint to 7 laps. Ryan Blaney restarted in first and held off charging teammates of Hendrick Motorsports to get himself his second win leaving open a playoff spot due to him not being a first time winner. 

The playoff field is setting itself up nicely and the way it’s looking it is going to be Austin DIllon and his RCR teammate Tyler Reddick to fight it out at Daytona in a must win situation, or can someone new steal the glory on the last week?

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