The Coke 400 could be race of the year

Daytona is always an exciting track where anything can happen and really, as shown this year in the 500 can win at. Daytona got moved last year from the 4th of July weekend that has been a NASCAR tradition for many years and placed instead at the end of the regular season as the final race before the 16 driver playoff field is set. The drivers are going into the final race of the regular season with 1 final playoff spot remaining and with the win and you’re in the system that NASCAR has had in place, there are many drivers that are going to do whatever they need to do to win this race and lock themselves in. 

A big storyline going into the weekend and that has been developing throughout the season is the RCR teammates of Tyler Reddick and Austin Dillon are both within 20 points of each other and both on the playoff bubble. At a track like Daytona your teammates are very important in getting you past other drivers, but you have to think at some point a driver has to ditch it and go get the win for themselves, no driver is going to sit back and let someone else get a win for free. This could lead to a lot of teammate drama late in the season because only 1 of them can make it. 

Notable drivers that are serious threats to win a race at Daytona are Austin Dillon, Dibby, Stenthouse, and Ross Chastain are all some of the most aggressive and best plate racers in the field and are all known to do what they need to do for a spot on the racetrack. This could lead to a lot of big moves that normally would not be made if this was say the 500 or a race in the middle of the season that did not have the serious implications as this race does. 

Daytona always puts on a great show and this weekend will be no different.

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