5 drivers who could win the Daytona 500

  1. Brad Keselowski- In 2021 Keselowski was making a run at the win in the 500 and a late block by former Team Penske driver Joey Logano took them and many others out of the race paving the way for Michael McDowell to win his first ever NASCAR race in a true Cinderella story moment for the sport. Keselowski is one of the best plate racers of our generation and while it may take many less talented drivers to pick up in the new car Keselowski has had test time in the car and already has a slight jump on other drivers and could be the first Gen-7 winner. 
  2. Joey Logano- As previously mentioned, crashing out of the 2022 500 and having a blowover at the very next plate race, luck was not on his side at the plate tracks. With all that being said Logano’s raw speed, daring moves, and some of the best plate racers being Ford drivers, he could get a push to the front and play some amazing defense (something we have seen from him before) and hold everyone back until he crosses the line. 
  3. Kyle Larson- Larson is the most talented driver in the field hands down. Plate racing is seen by many as a skill that does not take as much skill as other tracks but plate racing is a skill in its own that, with Larsons talent, can definitely wheel his car through the pack and into victory lane to get his first Daytona 500 win. 
  4. Ricky Stenthouse JR.- Ricky Spinhouse, Wreckhouse, whatever you want to call him it is no secret that he is a talented plate racer, a bit wild in his decision making, but talented. These are really the only races he can compete in but when he does he lets it be known he is not going to back down to the big names in the sport and will fight for every inch on the track. This is important because there are supply rumors for the new car which could mean some drivers might back out and let some spots go in the name of keeping the car clean. 
  5. Kyle Busch- Among his vast resume across all 3 NASCAR national series a Daytona 500 still has not made its way onto this list. Busch is not known to be much of a plate racer but he is a wheelman, a top 3 talent in the sport who can figure out his car better than anyone. Could this year be the first time we see Rowdy capture the elusive Daytona 500 win he has been chasing for years?

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