Keselowski rumored to part own Roush Fenway Racing

Brad Keselowski, a lead driver at team Penske since 2009, is rumored to be on his way out at the end of this season and could be moving into an ownership spot next year with Roush-Fenway Racing in 2022. This could be a huge thing for Brad as his long, outstanding career starts to wind down and he enters the final years. 

This move has a lot of upsides for Keselowski and not many downsides, the biggest one being that he is in control. It is no surprise that Brad and Team Penske have had somewhat of a rocky relationship in the last couple of years mainly with his team mate, Joey Logano. Penski still has not renewed his contract for next year meaning that they could be pushing him out of his seat leaving his career wide open for many things to happen, if he owns a team he can decide when to step down and when to end racing. Another great thing about Brad owning a team would be that he can be a great mentor and leader to young Rousch driver who is having somewhat of a breakout season, Chris Buscher. Keselowski can teach the young driver (or drivers depending on if Newman drives) and get more of a Ford driver pipeline, something that does not exist much outside of Deegan right now. This would benefit every Ford team and make them better all around as a manufacturer. This is a good thing for not just Roush Fenway, but also ford in general. 

While nothing is official, Bob Pockrass tweeted about it so in my mind it is more of a done deal than people think and could really shake up the silly season as a lot of people including myself thought Keselowski would stay at Penske.

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