Larson and Hendrick dominate and make history in the Coke 600

The weekend of the Coke 600 is always a big weekend in the sport as this race is considered a crown jewel of NASCAR and has been for a long time. The longest race on the schedule that tests speed, endurance, and mental focus for usually a minimum of 4 hours and more often than not runs much longer than that. Another big factor in this race is that it is run at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the heart of NASCAR, in the town where most drivers and teams post their headquarters. This race also had some added significance for Kyle Lasrson, Chase Elliott, Alex Bowman, and William Byron, as they would all have a chance to make Hendrick and NASCAR history and give Hendrick Motorsports their 269th win. 

Right away it was very clear that the Hendrick drivers took to the track with the sole motivation to be the driver that made history for Rick Hendrick, or Mr. H as they call him. All 4 drivers made their way into the top 10 via qualifying with the #5 of Kyle Larson on the pole for the famed race. During the race there were many times where every time you looked at the running order and sure enough the Hendrick boys were hogging the top 4 spots with minor interruptions from Kyle Busch all race, who seemed to be the only driver that could even come close to the leaders all race. Chase Elliott and Kyle Lasrson battled hard for the entire last 2 stages, so hard that they were even fighting on pit road. Eventually Kyle Lasron would put on a clinic of how to run Charlotte and get out to as far as a 10 second lead before taking the checkered flag and ending the beat down he put on the field all day and claiming a win that will forever be a part of the teams, and sports history. 

One of the greatest events in NASCAR was run with an added incentive for one of the most famous, most popular, and now most winning teams to run in NASCAR and that made it all the more special.

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