NASCARs future star

Last week I wrote a whole story on who I thought would be the next Cup Series star, and watching Ty Gibbs this weekend win xFinity and ARCA, every race he ran, I scrapped everything and am officially choosing Gibbs to be the next star. I was skeptical at first not because of his last name but because of knowing he was in the best car but he came to one of the harder tracks on the schedule and was the best car on the track in both series. 

Gibbs has always had a reputation for being in the best car, which in ARCA he is but his domination is not just due to his car. 12 wins in 3 years in a series is nothing to look away from and contribute to just the car. Even when he went to the xFinity Series and won his debut race. And if that was not enough, he went and got second in the very next race he ran, and even if all that was not enough to prove himself he went to Charlotte and beat out many favorites to win the race and proved he is here and he can run with the best week in and week out.

Now, do I think he should make a jump to Cup right this second, no, just like every other driver he needs to run well in the other series with his continued success then he can make his way to cup and fill out his full. 

These next few years watching Gibbs run are going to be exciting as Gibbs is not only a successful driver, but exciting as he runs hard for every spot and is not afraid to get rough with the veterans on the track and let them know he is not some basic rookie they can knock around and mess with. Gibbs is the next big thing and we are all lucky to witness this great driver come up through the ranks. 

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